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Board Members

  • AJ Zabbia
    68 West Engineering
  • Amy Cara
    East West Partners
  • Matt Mahoney
    East West Partners
  • Brenda Smith
    Downtown Resident

Advisory Committee

  • Councilwoman Judy Montero
    City Council District 9
  • Stephanie Syner
    Constituent Services to Councilwoman Montero
  • Chris Thebo
  • Melinda Truskowski
  • Cameron Green
    Belair Excavating
  • Tim Flanagan
    Western Proscapes
  • Rob Parkhurst
    Encore Electric
  • Kim Douglas
    Studio InSite
  • Derik Lis
    68 West Engineering
  • Lesley Roper
    Parks and Recreation
  • Mark Bernstein
    Parks and Recreation
  • Scott Robson
    Director, Parks and Recreation

Buy a Brick

  • Help us make the dog park a reality! Buying a personalized brick is a great way to commemorate a pet or other loved one, and demonstrates your commitment to your furry friend! $120 buys you a brick - please donate below and we'll send you the form to fill out your personalized text!

Support Dogs

  • Don't have a paypal account? Please contact Jen Russell at 303.623.1500!

Railyard Dogs

  • The Railyard Dogs is a collection of citizens joined together for the purpose of improving the lives of downtown dogs and their relationship with the entire community, with one major contribution being the construction of a dog park in downtown Denver. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Our Dogs

  • Mia
    These are the dogs of members of the Railyard Dogs, our advisory committe, and other people who have made a commitment to help make Railyard Dog Park a reality. Browse through, and, if you'd like, shoot us an e-mail with a pretty good quality pic of your dog and we'll get it up here. Take care.
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